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Meat made
better in
every way

Real meat.
Pure joy.

Omeat is real, lip-smacking meat, grown from cells, outside the animal. No sacrifice required.

We’re a team of meat-obsessed food lovers.

We just don’t love the baggage that comes with meat. So we set out to make meat better in every way...

Better for

A humane approach that produces 100% real meat, using only what the cow contributes to the process.

Better for you.

We’re creating Omeat ground beef to deliver all the protein, iron, and other good stuff in conventional meat, but with less saturated fat and no GMOs, antibiotics, or hormones. A better process unlocks a better product.

Better for
the planet.

It's way more efficient to just grow the meat versus the whole cow.

Omeat in the news

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Omeat takes centre stage”

Cultivated meat from cows:
How Omeat uses plasma to grow beef

”It tasted of a future free of any feelings of guilt for cruelty for animals and pollution of Mother Earth. But really, it taste just like a good burger.”

Omeat emerges from stealth with beefy tech
approach to cultivated meat growth media

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