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We've pioneered a scalable way to grow delicious, nourishing, and affordable meat from cells, outside the animal. It's orders-of-magnitude more sustainable than conventional meat, and doesn't involve sacrificing an animal. That leaves a pretty good taste in our mouth.

Omeat is led by Ali Khademhosseini, one of the top tissue biologists in the world.

Ali trained at MIT under Bob Langer (Moderna) and taught at Harvard-MIT’s Division of Health Sciences & Technology.

the cow.

Back in 2019, Ali and his team were working to develop human tissues for medical applications. But as they came to learn about the existential threats posed by our conventional agriculture practices, they shifted their focus to creating cultivated meat. 

This work began with a few core scientists and now includes a team of over 40. Our headquarters and pilot plant are in Los Angeles, California.

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